Upcoming Events
Nov 13 | 4 PM in Noyes 147 (J. Holmes Sturdivant Lecture Hall) Chemical Physics Seminar
Troy Van Voorhis, Haslam and Dewey Professor of Chemisty, Department of Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nov 14 | 4 PM in Noyes 153 (J. Holmes Sturdivant Lecture Hall) Organic Chemistry Seminar
William Dichtel, Professor, Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University
Nov 14 | 4 PM in South Mudd 365 Environmental Science and Engineering Seminar
Dwayne Heard, Professor, Chemistry, University of Leeds
Nov 14 | 4 PM in Spalding Laboratory 106 (Hartley Memorial Seminar Room) Materials Science Research Lecture
Scott Cushing, Assistant Professor , Chemistry, Caltech
Nov 15 | 12 PM in Crellin 151 Center for the Chemistry of Cellular Signaling Seminar
Kelly Zhang, Graduate Student, Arnold Group, CCE, Caltech
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