Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering

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The heart of chemical engineering at Caltech is excellence in graduate education. 2019-20 ChE_First Years.jpg

The general objective of the graduate work in chemical engineering is to produce individuals who are exceptionally well trained to apply mathematics, the physical, chemical, and biological sciences, and engineering to the understanding of systems involving chemical reactions and transport phenomena and to the development of new processes and materials. The program also strives to develop in each student self-reliance, creativity, professional ethics, and an appreciation of the societal impact of chemical engineering and the importance of continuing intellectual growth. 

Chemical Engineering Graduate Studies Guide

Program Requirements
Selecting a Research Advisor
Teaching Assistantship
Candidacy Report and Exam
Course Requirements
Thesis Review Committee
Final Thesis and Oral Exam

Other Related Information
Subject Minor
Graduate Studies Advisor, Option Representative,
and Chemical Engineering Graduate Studies Committee



Allison Kinard
Graduate Option/Program Manager, Chemical Engineering
Phone: (626) 395-4115
Office: 204 Spalding
           Kostas Giapis
          Option Representative
          Phone: (626) 395-4180
          Office: 219 Spalding
Zhen-Gang Wang
Executive Officer, Chemical Engineering
Phone: (626) 395-4647
Office: 235 Spalding 
          Dennis Dougherty
          Division Chair
          Phone: (626) 395-3646
          Office: 164 Crellin