Gradate Studies Advisor, Option Representative, and Chemical Engineering Graduate Studies Committee

Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering
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During graduate studies, students will interact with several members of the chemical engineering faculty. The most intensive interaction will be with the research adviser, who will advise on all aspects of Ph.D. research and course work and will approve various formal requirements.

Each student will be assigned a graduate mentor to provide additional perspective on the student's progress and on any problems that may arise. The student will also interact with the members of the thesis review committee, as discussed earlier.

In addition, they will interact with the option representative and the graduate studies adviser. During the first year, the graduate studies adviser will advise the students about choice of research adviser, choice of courses, and Ph.D. qualifying exams.

The option representative is responsible for GRA (graduate research assistantship) or GTA (graduate teaching assistantship) assignments, beyond the first year, and for approval of the Candidacy and Thesis Review Committees and other formal requirements for the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. Students may contact either of these two faculty members regarding any questions or problems.

In a case where the relationship between a student and his or her research adviser becomes strained and the student desires advice or help from other faculty, he or she should consult with the Chemical Engineering Graduate Studies Committee, consisting of the option representative, the graduate studies adviser, and the option executive officer.