ChE 114. Solid State NMR Spectroscopy For Materials Chemistry. units (3-3-3); second Term. Prerequisites: Ch 21abc or instructor's permission. 9

Principles and applications of solid state NMR spectroscopy will be addressed with focus on structure and dynamics characterization of organic and inorganic solids. Topics include basic principles of NMR phenomena in solid state, high resolution techniques such as magic angle spinning (MAS), cross-polarization (CP) MAS, Double Rotation (DOR) and multiple-quantum MAS (MQMAS) for half integer quadrupole nuclei, and multiple pulse experiments for dipolar decoupling and recoupling, which expect to cover NMR methods that are routinely employed in studies of organic and inorganic materials chemistry. Hands-on experience will be provided via laboratory course on solid NMR spectrometers. Not offered 2015-16.