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Caltech Solid State NMR Facility

The Caltech Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility (CSNF) was established in Fall of 1998 in the Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Caltech in order to fulfill the demand of studies of advanced solid materials using solid NMR spectroscopy. The facility is equipped with three solid NMR spectrometers, Avance 200AM 300, and Avance 500 with a variety of both liquid and solid NMR probes, so that most state-of-the-art NMR measurements can be readily achieved. Some examples of solid NMR applications are described in detail below. Any groups or research laboratories who wish to use this facility are welcome to visit the laboratory which resides at the sub-basement of Sherman Fairchild Library (011 SFL) and get in touch with the director, or electronically request information about setting up a schedule by sending an e-mail to the director.


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Our Instruments

Bruker Avance 200 MHz spectrometer

Probes equipped: 

    1. Two Bruker 7 mm CP MAS probes. 
    2. One Bruker Wide line probe 
    3. One Chemagnetics 7.5 mm CP MAS probe. 
    4. One Bruker 10 mm liquid probe..

Bruker AM300 MHz spectrometer

The AM 300 Bruker spectrometer was heavily modified to perform a variety of solid state NMR experiments. The system was also updated with the TECMAG. 

Probes equipped: 
    1. One Bruker 7 mm CP MAS probe. 
    2. One Bruker 4 mm CP MAS probe. 
    3. One 5 mm Bruker liquid probe. 
    4. Two 10 mm Bruker liquid probes.

Bruker Avance 500 MHz spectrometer

A 500 MHz spectromter with Bruker UltraShield magnet (the first wide bore 11.7 T magent installed) was installed at Caltech in December of 1998. The spectrometer is equipped with three rf channels and a triple resonace 4 mm probe from Bruker:

   1. One 4mm Triple Resonance probe.
   2. One 4mm Double Resonance Extended VT probe
       (-120 C - 300 C)
   3. One 7mm CPMAS probe for low gamma nuclei
      (20 MHz-100 MHz)
   4. One 10 mm solution probe.
   5. One 2 mm probe (Max spinning ~ 50 kHz)

Fees and Contact Details

FY 2020 Rates
Solid State NMR Rates 2020

*Consulting fees might apply depending on service request (contact the director).

Contact Information

Sonjong Hwang, Ph.D.
Tel: 626-395-2323
Fax: 626-568-8743

Mailing address

Caltech Solid State NMR Facility
Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
MC 210-41
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125

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