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Caltech Startup Aims to Make Solar Panels More Efficient

Robert Perkins
A Caltech startup company plans to improve the contact efficiency of solar cells.
Solar panels

Wireless Pressure-Sensing Eye Implant Could Help Prevent Blindness

Emily Velasco
Engineering graduate students have developed an implantable pressure sensor for the human eye that lasts much longer than anything that came before it.
A new pressure-sensing implant for the eye on top of a dime for scale.

Building the Starshot Sail: A Q&A with Harry Atwater

Robert Perkins
Researchers face the challenge of building something that is thinner than tissue paper but strong enough to withstand the energy of an ultra-high-powered laser

Cooking up Polymers: A Q&A with Maxwell Robb

Whitney Clavin
New faculty member Maxwell Robb is making plastics that can change their properties in response to mechanical forces.
Maxwell Robb

No Motor, No Battery, No Problem

Robert Perkins
Engineers have created a soft robot that does not rely on a motor to propel itself through the water

Butterfly Wings Inspire Light-Manipulating Surface for Medical Implants

Robert Perkins
Nanostructures inspired by transparent butterfly wings help eye implants function better and safely avoid biofouling.
Eye implant

Engineered Metasurfaces Replace Adhesive Tape in Specialized Microscope

Robert Perkins
A collaboration between two labs at Caltech yields an improvement in microscopy results.

Caltech Student Joins Inaugural Class of Knight-Hennessy Scholars at Stanford

Emily Velasco
Aadith Moorthy, a Caltech senior majoring in materials science and computer science, is one of 49 students in the inaugural class of Stanford University's Knight-Hennessy Scholars program
Senior Aadith Moorthy leans against a pillar

New Process Allows 3-D Printing of Nanoscale Metal Structures

Robert Perkins
By mixing metal ions and organic ligands, a team led by Julia Greer has developed a process for the 3-D printing of metal structures that are smaller than ever before.

Building Blocks to Create Metamaterials

Robert Perkins
An international team, led by Chiara Daraio, uses techniques from quantum mechanics to create a system for engineering how metamaterials will interact with waves.
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