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Experiments using Diamond Anvils Yield New Insight into the Deep Earth

Robert Perkins
New experiments could explain one of the most unusual features of the core-mantle boundary.

Corruption is Hard to Hide If You're a Politician Whose Face is Wide

Emily Velasco
A new study shows that people can separate corrupt politicians from clean ones by simply looking at portraits of the politicians.
A politician stands on a stage in front of a large crowd taking an oath of office. His fingers are crossed behind his back

IMSS Unveils $4.2 Million High Performance Computing Center

Jon Nalick
The new computing resource will bolster research efforts campus-wide.
Stack of computers in a tall black case with a column of glowing lights.

Superfast Jet Observed Streaming Away from Stellar Collision

Elise Cutts
An international team of researchers, including two Caltech scientists, observed a superfast jet of material from a neutron star collision.
Artist's impression of neutron star merger

Guiding Flight: The Fruit Fly's Celestial Compass

Lori Dajose
Fruit flies use the sun to avoid flying in circles, according to new research.
Fruit flies keep the sun fixed in one region of their vision to navigate.

Researchers Put A.I. to Work Making Chemistry Predictions

Emily Velasco
Tom Miller and researchers in his lab have developed a new machine-learning tool for predicting chemistry.
An artist's representation of computational chemistry. Two beakers pour zeros and ones into a beaker.

Higgs Boson Observed in Haystack of Quarks

New observations from CERN show the Higgs boson decaying into pairs of bottom quarks.

Solved! Caltech Researcher Helps Crack Decades-Old Math Problem

Whitney Clavin
Spiros Michalakis and Matthew Hastings solve a lingering mathematical physics problem with implications for quantum physics as a whole.
Spiros Michalakis

JPL News: NASA's InSight Passes Halfway to Mars, Instruments Check In

The InSight spacecraft has passed the halfway point on its journey to the Red Planet.

Student-Built Satellite Telescope Prepares for Space

Robert Perkins
The reconfigurable space telescope approaches a conclusion—and a launch