Electrical Wire Properties of DNA Linked to Cancer

New research from the Barton lab finds a connection between a cancer mutation and electron-mediated DNA repair.

How "Gatekeepers" to a Cell's Nucleus Let Genetic Instructions Pass Through

Researchers have revealed how the human nuclear pore complex is involved in the flow of genetic information.

Caltech Celebrates Two Staffers for Their 50 Years of Service

Bob Logan (BS '68) and Pat Anderson honored at May 31 event.

Cooking up Polymers: A Q&A with Maxwell Robb

New faculty member Maxwell Robb is making plastics that can change their properties in response to mechanical forces.

Mikhail Shapiro Selected as Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar

Caltech professor who invents new technologies for visualizing cells in our bodies has been named a Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar.

Frances Arnold Elected to American Philosophical Society

Caltech professor who invented directed evolution for enzymes elected to American Philosophical Society.

Jacqueline Barton Wins Royal Society of Chemistry Prize

Caltech professor who discovered electrical wire-like properties of DNA honored with Centenary Prize.

Why We Need Erasable MRI Scans

Gas-filled protein structures could one day be used as "erasable" contrast agents for MRI scans.

First-ever McConnell Lecture to be Given at Caltech April 24

Stanford chemist and Nobel laureate William E. Moerner will give inaugural lecture.

Machine-Learning Software Predicts Behavior of Bacteria

Professor of Biochemistry Bil Clemons has developed a software tool that can predict how well bacteria will produce specific proteins needed for pharmaceutical research.


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