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Researchers in the Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (CCE) aim to understand nature's processes on scales from the subatomic to the macroscopic, applying their fundamental knowledge and discoveries to the invention and creation of revolutionary tools, reactions, molecules, and materials. Their research is highly interdisciplinary and has the potential to make or inspire broad and powerful changes in medicine, clean energy, environmental management, and many other areas of both science and engineering.

Today, CCE's researchers—whose work is aligned around the divisions three core disciplines of chemistry, chemical engineering, and biochemistry and molecular biophysics—are exploring everything from the cellular signaling pathways that inform bodily function to the atmospheric reactions that lead to smog, and are working to develop everything from new, scalable clean-energy solutions to the advanced technologies and medicines needed for improving health.

Recent Publication Highlights


Watching Nanoscale Fluids Flow

Ahmed Zewail et al.

At the nanoscale, where objects aremeasured in billionths of meters and events transpire in trillionths of seconds, things do not always behave as our experiences with the macro-world might lead us to expect. Water, for example, seems to flow much faster within carbon nanotubes than classical physics says should be possible. Now imagine trying to capture movies of these almost imperceptibly small nanoscale more

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