• Harden McConnell
    Caltech alumni and friends celebrating Harden McConnell's 65th birthday in 1992: (front row, from left) Marty Itzkowitz (PhD ’67), Brian Hoffman (PhD ’67), Sunney Chan, McConnell (PhD ’51), G. Wilse Robinson; (second row) Zoltan Soos (PhD ’65), Hayes Griffith (PhD ’65), Himan Sternlicht (PhD ’63), Terry Cole (PhD ’58); (third row) Harris Silverstone (PhD ’64), Henry Dearman (PhD ’60), Alvin Kwiram (PhD ’63), Richard Fessenden, unidentified man; (back row) Richard Keys
    Credit: Caltech

New Endowed Lectureship Honors a Beloved Mentor

Harden McConnell is widely recognized as one of the leading physical and biophysical chemists of his generation, died in 2014 at the age of 87. To honor his memory and his many scientific contributions, former students, together with research associates, colleagues, and family members, have established the Harden M. McConnell Lectureship at Caltech.

The first lecture will be given by Nobel Prize winner William E. Moerner on April 24, 2018, at Caltech. Sunney Chan, an honorary Caltech alumnus and former master of student houses who today is the George Grant Hoag Professor of Biophysical Chemistry, Emeritus—will present opening remarks. Chan credits McConnell for dramatically altering the course of his career by encouraging him to come to Caltech in the early 1960s.

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