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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Subcommittee of the Chemistry Graduate Studies Committee (CGSC)

We are a subcommittee of the CGSC focused on division wide diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. For more information on our members and projects, please see our bios below or our entry in the campus DEI airtable. Contact us with any questions and suggestions at [email protected]

Jake Evans

Jake Evans (he/him)
Jake Evans is a second-year chemistry grad student in the Lewis group. His primary projects are in outreach initiatives, including the Visiting Scientist program and Science Nights at local schools.

Jordan Thompson

Jordan Thompson (he/him)
Originally from Calgary, AB, Jordan left the cold in pursuit of some California sunshine. At UC Berkeley, he worked with Prof. Tom Maimone on completing the total synthesis of (+)-6-epi-Ophiobolin A and developing some other radical-based annulative methods while competing on the Cal Ice Hockey team. Jordan's time outside of the lab consists mostly of cooking/baking or staying active. He hopes to one day perfect his very own ice cream recipe. Currently working on the virtual visit for graduate students!

Kim Pham

Kim Pham (she/her)
Kim is a G2 in the See and Cushing labs studying ionic conductivity using electrochemical and ultrafast spectroscopy techniques. She is passionate about cultivating cultural knowledge and awareness surrounding DEI initiatives in STEM. She is currently collaborating with DICI to spearhead the inaugural DEI coordinator program in CCE and is an active member in the Caltech survey working group to organize a campus wide climate survey.

Levi Palmer

Levi Palmer (he/him)
Levi is a G1 in the Cushing Lab studying ultrafast photodynamics in multi-material junctions using extreme ultraviolet and electron energy loss spectroscopies. He loves hiking, beaching, and exploring around LA! In CGSC and PRISM, Levi is working to expand Caltech's current outreach and mentorship programming to LGBTQIA+ students in Southern California.
Contact: [email protected]

Sadie Dutton

Sadie Dutton (she/her)
Sadie is a G2 in the Blake Group, where she works on microwave and terahertz spectroscopy of small molecule clusters. When taking a break from looking at dense spectra, she is a fierce crossword competitor, an avid reader, and a slow trail runner. She is a mentor with the Caltech-Charles Drew program, a campus Title IX Advocat, and a RISE SAT tutor. With the CGSC, she is working to provide support for the graduate school application process.

Reina Buenconsejo

Reina Buenconsejo (she/her)
Reina Buenconsejo is a G3 in the Seinfeld and Wennberg labs. She studies the yield and formation of secondary organic aerosol from and chemical mechanism of volatile chemical product oxidation. This is a very technical way of saying Reina cares a lot about understanding air quality from a chemical perspective but also about understanding what policies are needed to protect vulnerable populations from poor air quality.

When Reina isn't in lab, she enjoys baking, reading, and watching Jeopardy!. At Caltech, she has worked on putting together town halls for CCE to organize actions the division can take to foster a more equitable and inclusive community. She also serves on the division's Diversity Committee where she hopes to work on establishing relationships between Caltech and HBCUs, HSIs, and universities with high Native American enrollment.

Michelle Qian

Michelle Qian (she/her)
Michelle is a G2 in the See group, where she studies polysulfide species in next-generation battery systems. Outside of lab, she enjoys bar trivia, mineral hunting, climbing, and gardening. Her involvement on campus includes RISE tutoring through the Caltech Y, teaching 2nd grade science classes through CTLO, and representing CCE in the GSC in addition to maintaining the Caltech DEI database. In the CGSC, she works with recruitment and DEI resource accessibility. 

Josh Zak

Josh Zak (he/him)
Josh is a graduate student in Prof. Kim See's group by way of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, which is where he grew up. Here, he is studying charge compensation mechanisms and structural transformations in lithium-rich chalcogenide cathodes to uncover structure-property relationships that dictate reversibility and performance in next-generation batteries. Outside the lab, Josh is one of the student leaders of Caltech's LGBTQIA+ group, PRISM, where he helps organize educational, outreach, and social activities aimed at fostering a supportive community for queer folks and allies in science. His work with CGSC is based in the same principles, specifically as it pertains to recruitment and retention of queer people in chemistry and chemical engineering at Caltech.