Ch 10 abc

Frontiers in Chemistry

1 unit (1-0-0) first, second terms; 6 units (1-4-1) third term.    |  first, second, third terms
Prerequisites: Open for credit to first-year students and sophomores. Ch 10 c prerequisites are Ch 10 ab, Ch 3 a or Ch 3 x, and either Ch 1 ab, Ch 41 ab, or Ch 21 ab, and instructor’s permission.

Ch 10 ab is a weekly seminar by a member of the chemistry department on a topic of current research; the topic will be presented at an informal, introductory level. Ch 10 c is a research-oriented laboratory course, which will be supervised by a chemistry faculty member. Weekly class meetings will provide a forum for participants to discuss their research projects. Graded pass/fail.

Instructor: Hoelz

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